DisplayName Synopsis Extends
AlbumArt Sets album artwork Set-Media
AmplifyPixel AmplifyPixel extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
AudioCrusher Audio Crusher Edit-Media,Show-Media
AudioExpression Evaluates Audio Expressions Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
AudioFrequencyExpression Apply expressions to audio frequencies Edit-Media,Show-Media
AudioGain Increases audio volume Edit-Media,Show-Media
BilateralSmooth Bilateral Smooth Edit-Media,Show-Media
BlackDetect Detect black periods in a video. Get-Media
BlackFrame Detects black frames. Get-Media
BlendFrame BlendFrame Extension Show-Media,Edit-Media,Join-Media
BlendVideo BlendVideo Extension Join-Media
Blur Blurs Video Edit-Media,Show-Media
CaptureDevice Gets capture devices Get-FFMpeg
Chorus chorus Edit-Media,Show-Media
Codecs Lists codecs Get-FFMpeg
ColorContrast ColorContrast Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
ColorExpression Color Expression Show-Media,Edit-Media,Join-Media
ColorHold ColorHold Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
Colorize Colorize a video stream Edit-Media,Show-Media
ColorScope Colorscope extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
ColorSource Generates a color New-Media,Show-Media
Convolve convolve Join-Media
Crop Crop Extension Show-Media,Edit-Media,Send-Media,Receive-Media
CropDetect Auto-detect the crop size. Get-Media
DataScope Datascope effect Edit-Media
Deconvolve deconvolve Join-Media
DirectShow DirectShow Extension Show-Media,Receive-Media,Send-Media
DrawSubtitle Draw subtitles on top of input video Convert-Media,Edit-Media
Echo Adds echoes to audio Edit-Media,Show-Media
EdgeDetect EdgeDetect Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
Emboss Embosses video or images Edit-Media
Erosion Erode Video Edit-Media,Show-Media
Exposure Exposure Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
FadeIn Fades in video Edit-Media
FillBorder Fill Borders. Edit-Media,Show-Media
FilterInput Gets filter details Get-FFMpeg
FiniteEqualizer Finite Equalizer Edit-Media,Show-Media
Flanger Audio Flanger. Edit-Media,Show-Media
FlipHorizontal Flips video horizontally Edit-Media,Show-Media
FlipVertical Flips video vertically Edit-Media,Show-Media
FrameBuffer FrameBuffer Extension Show-Media,Receive-Media,Send-Media
FrameStep FrameStep Effect Edit-Media,Show-Media
Histogram Histogram Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
Hue Hue Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
Hysteresis Hysteresis Join-Media
LagFun Slowly update darker pixels. Edit-Media,Show-Media
Life Generates life New-Media,Show-Media
LimitPixel Limits Pixel values Edit-Media,Show-Media
ListFilters Lists filters Get-FFMpeg
ListProtocols Lists protocols Get-FFMpeg
Mandelbrot Generates fractals New-Media,Show-Media
MedianPixel Picks median pixels Edit-Media,Show-Media
Mirror Mirror Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
MixAudio Mix Audio Join-Media
MixVideo Mix Video Join-Media
Monochrome Make video monochrome Edit-Media
NoAudio Removes Audio Split-Media
Overlay overlay Join-Media
Phaser Audio Phaser Edit-Media,Show-Media
PitchFactor Adjust Pitch by a factor Edit-Media,Show-Media
Pixelate Pixelate effect Edit-Media
Playlist Creates a playlist Join-Media
Pulsator Pulsator Effect Edit-Media,Show-Media
RandomizeFrame RandomizeFrame extensions Edit-Media,Show-Media
Rate Adjusts the rate of media. Edit-Media,Show-Media
Resize Simple video resize. Show-Media,Edit-Media,Convert-Media
ReverseAudio Reverses audio Edit-Media
ReverseVideo Reverses video Edit-Media
Rotate Rotates a video Show-Media,Edit-Media,Convert-Media
Scale Scales video. Edit-Media,Show-Media
ScrollVideo Scrolls video Edit-Media,Show-Media
Sepia Applies a Sepia Filter Edit-Media
ShowFrequency Show Frequencies Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShowScale Show the tonal scale of the audio Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShowSpectrum Shows the audio spectrum Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShowVectorScope Shows a Vector Scope of the Audio Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShowVolume Shows the volume of an audio stream. Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShowWaveform Shows audio waveform. Show-Media,Edit-Media,New-Media
ShuffleFrames Shuffles frames in video Edit-Media
Sierpinski Generates a Sierpinski fractal New-Media,Show-Media
SilenceDetect Detects silence in an audio stream Get-Media
SilenceRemove Detects silence in an audio stream Edit-Media
Sine Generates a sine wave New-Media
Skew Skew Extension Edit-Media,Show-Media
SubFrequencyCut Cut subwoofer frequencies Edit-Media,Show-Media
Subtitler Creates subtitles. New-Media
SuperEqualizer Audio 18 band Superequalizer Edit-Media,Show-Media
SuperFrequencyCut Cut super frequencies. Edit-Media,Show-Media
Tempo Adjust audio tempo. Edit-Media,Show-Media
TestSource Generates test sources New-Media,Show-Media
Tile Tile Extension Edit-Media
TimeMix Mix successive video frames. Edit-Media,Show-Media
Tremolo Tremolo effect Edit-Media,Show-Media
Vibrato Vibrato effect Edit-Media,Show-Media
VideoExpression Evaluates Video Expressions Edit-Media,Show-Media
VideoForLinux VideoForLinux Extension Show-Media,Receive-Media,Send-Media
Vignette Applies a vignette filter Edit-Media,Show-Media
VolumeLevel Gets VolumeLevels Get-Media
Watermark Watermarks a video Edit-Media
YouTubeDL Youtube Downloader Get-Media
ZoomPan Zoom and Pan Edit-Media,Show-Media
DrawText Draws Text on Video Edit-Media,Show-Media